To enter the application and access the protected area you must type:
your username (your customer code);
the password you entered during the  registration process.

The system is case-sensitive, so be sure to type your credentials correctly.

If your session becomes idle, after 30 minutes you will be asked to enter username and password again.
We recommend you keep your password secret, in order to avoid unauthorized access to your data.



At the first logon your account must be activated.

GEOX must identify you as one of his customers: to do so, to complete the registration you will be asked to enter some information. The details requested will depend on the information you selected with the “Invoices and packing lists” or “Packing lists only” radio buttons.

If you want to use the service to display  your invoices, you will have to sign-up for the e-mail delivery of those documents, by filling and sending the form you will find attached to this page. In this case, you will have to wait for your e-mail address to be saved in our database before you can complete the registration process. If you already have subscribed to the service, you can complete your registration right away, by providing this information:

1)      the CUSTOMER CODE, which identifies your firm. You can find your customer code on any packing list or document received from us. 
2)      The USER NAME that you would like to use to access the system.
3)      The E-MAIL ADDRESS you provided to GEOX in the form you filled to receive new invoices in your mailbox. The service will notify this address whenever a new packing list is available. It will also be used to send your password during the registration or if it has been lost.      
4)      The PASSWORD you want to set for your account.

If you want to display the packing lists only, you won’t have to fill the form, but you will be asked to enter your PIN, that can be one among:
a)      Your VAT number
b)      A five letter code you received from our Customer Service
Once the registration process completes, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, containing a link to click to activate the account.

Password recovery

If you lose your password you will have two ways to recover it: The “e-mail recovery” will enable you to receive your password at the e-mail address you entered during registration. In order to keep your password secure, you will be asked to enter the customer code and the e-mail address you provided during the first registration.


User Account

The user account page will allow you to modify your PASSWORD and the  E-MAIL ADDRESS you entered during the first registration.

To set a new PASSWORD you will have to enter your current password, the password you want to set and again your new password to confirm it.

To change E-MAIL ADDRESS you will be asked to enter your current password and your new E-MAIL ADDRESS.

Your current password is required for security reasons.

This page allows you to enter a secondary e-mail address, that will be used to notify when a new packing list is available. Leave this field blank to use the primary e-mail address for notifications.


Packing List

In the packing list section you can view all your available packing lists over the last six months.

By clicking the link in the “PKL” column or the Acrobat Reader icon, you can view the packing list.

By clicking the "Archive" icon, you will download the packing list data in plain text format.



In the Invoices section you can view your invoices over the last two years.

The invoices are organised in one tab folder per each month. To scroll the month tabs, simply hover the mouse cursor on the red arrows.


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